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Lumina Vermilion

Now the world knows about the existence of others non-human creatures, but fooled by the governament and by their own stupidity they choose to ignore this fact. Croiss Alics is a vampire with a pretty normal life, but when he founds a half-dead guy and he choose to help him, his secret world stats to open for him. Lumina vermilion talks about the fated meeting of two people and their secrets. UPDATES EVERY MONDAY. It's a fantasy and shonen-ai[BOY x BOY] manga. [it's not gore even if there's blood in the first pages] Still thinking if i should include sex scenes and make it a full yaoi manga. The first pages are colored (by hand) so i'm sorry if they aren't that good.


Updates: Monday

Hey all ^-^

'Till now I posted the pages to my liking since the first ones were alredy drawn, so now i decided to post one every Monday.
I also wanted to tell you that only the first 16 pages are colored, due to my low finances (no money TTwTT) i could't colored them.
I'm the traditional tipe so i don't know who to use programmes for drawing, and i really dislike the b/n pages that i'm making, but well... i hope i will learn and make them better in time.

Thanks for faving the manga, and for reading it.

posted by AyameChan @ March 27th, 2014, 5:41 pm  -  0 comments

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